// FAQs

(<Q>) // What if I do not have a team?

A lot of people might be in this position. Just be friendly, nice and interesting in your conversations.

(<Q>)// What if I do not have an idea?

A lot of people will be in this position. Others will most likely come with their ideas, so come with your problem solving skills. You can also think about the questions mentioned in the mission briefing.

(<Q>) // What if I am an employee of a sponsoring organization?

All employees of the sponsoring organizations are excluded from participating in this hackathon (Access Bank, Devcenter, Microsoft, IBM, Idea Nigeria, Emaginations, Re:write, Trium, Systemic Logics, Accelerate tv and Design Institute).

(<Q>) // Who will own the Intellectual Property on the prototype made by us?

All submissions remain the intellectual property of the individuals or teams that developed them. All teams must agree to the Terms of Participation upon entry into the competition.

(<Q>) // Will my transportation to the venue be covered?

No, but we will provide you with food, coffee and chewables to help you think and create.

(<Q>) // How many team members are permitted in a team?

A minimum and maximum of 5 members.

(<Q>) // What should I bring to the venue?

You will be required to bring yourself, your laptop(s) and any necessary hardware you require to work and create with.

(<Q>)// Will my participation be publicly showcased?

Yes, you will be photographed, video-graphed or interviewed during the Mission.

(<Q>) // Am I eligible for the other prizes if I do not win the hackathon?

Yes, teams will be selected based on their performance during the Mission